Dutch News Articles

University of Twente honours the Mythbusters
Immigration Office Softens Stand On Permits For Iranian Nationals
Global memories: an expat archive
American comedian Margaret Cho returns to Amsterdam
From Bok to primordial soup – a 10-day celebration of Dutch beer
How to go Dutch: ‘First, learn how to pronounce inburgering correctly’
Jobs, language, the weather: why don’t international students stay on?
Is a university campus prayer room any different to providing a bar?
How to go Dutch: I can chat to the supermarket check-out girl but not about politics
Biertje anyone? Here’s some key facts about Dutch beer
How to go Dutch: Every time I pass an exam I lose an excuse to speak English
Volunteer organisation Access has been helping new arrivals settle for 30 years
Green fingers in the city: urban farming in Amsterdam
Six Dutch tours to keep your parents busy when they visit
Americans in the Netherlands shocked by Trump victory
Water from heaven celebrated with Amsterdam beer launch
How to go Dutch: The waiting continues as the stakes are unexpectedly raised
Top blogs: From cartoon Englishmen to the best food in Amsterdam
How to go Dutch: the final installment, as those crucial envelopes arrive
Summer in the Netherlands: our favourite readers’ photos
Today it is ‘animal day’ – but in some places, every day is Dierendag
Life in a suitcase: The Expatriate Archive Centre celebrates 10 years
Local elections 2018: Delft
DutchNews.nl destinations: take the train for a weekend in Rotterdam
It’s Dutch American Friendship Day and the DAFT visa is not as stupid as it may sound
Delft is heating up this summer with the Sizzling Summer of Space
Fishy business – heralding in the herring season in The Hague
DutchNews.nl destinations: there’s more to Delft than blue and white china
Why is ‘The Evenings’ a Dutch Christmas classic?
12 Dutch ads that have become cultural touchstones
Radovan Karadzic, the Butcher of Bosnia, given life sentence on appeal
Teachers to strike on Friday, hundreds of schools to close
Read all about it: Local news from every corner of the countryIt’s Dutch-American Friendship Day, but have you filed your taxes?
Podcasts galore: From English-language Dutch news to art and useful advice
Prosecutor wants Wilders to pay €5,000 fine for anti-Moroccan remarks
Dutch destinations: good food and great shopping in Haarlem
Yet another Dutch lifestyle craze? Nix it, stop reaching and drop it
Forget Maastricht and Rotterdam: Eight places to host Eurovision
What’s in a name? The new tourist map of Amsterdam
Turkish, Polish, Chinese or German? Other language Dutch news
Cost of renting a home rises but housing corporations keep a lid on
Nearly three million people in the Netherlands live alone, says CBS
Clothing and plane tickets increase consumer prices
Dutch population will rise by one million by 2035, says CBS
Company cars drove up total kilometers travelled, says CBS
‘Left to my own devices, I’d eat at the snackbar every night.’

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