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Iran’s Beef Over US Asset Seizure Advanced by UN Court
India and Pakistan Take Battle Over Spy Suspect to UN Court
India, Pakistan Battle Over Suspected Spy at UN Court
India, Pakistan Stir Up Past Beefs in Spat Over Suspected Spy
UN Court Says UK Must End Administration of Chagos Islands
Dutch Teachers Demand More Money in Latest Strike
Philippines Quits UN Criminal Court Over Probe
Coalition Government Shaky as Dutch Voters Head to Polls
Far-Right Party Makes Big Gains in Dutch Election
UN Court Slaps ‘Butcher of Bosnia’ With Life Sentence
Delay on Climate Action Exposes Rift Between EU States
Britain Lost in Three-Year Search for Way Out of Europe
More Small UK Companies See Brexit as Bad for Business
UK Parliament Rejects 4 More Paths to Orderly Brexit
US Denies Entry to Dutch Lawyer Who Defends Terror Suspects
UN Court Slams Jordan on Freedom of Sudan’s Bashir
UAE Fights Qatar Bias Claim in UN High Court
Qatar Argues Case for UAE Bias in Top UN Court
Qatar, UAE Wrap Diplomatic Bias Case at UN High Court
UN Tribunal Orders Russia to Return Captured Ukraine Sailors
Belgium Faces Difficult Coalition Process
Dutch Court Hears Fight to Move Orca to Sanctuary
Pompeo Calls for Less Regulation at Meeting of Business Leaders
Russia Fights Claims of Rebel Support in Top UN Court
EU States Eye Tribunal to Prosecute Islamic State Fighters
Ukraine Argues Case Against Russia in UN High Court
UN High Court to Decide Ukraine Fight Against Russia
UN Court Rejects UAE Bid for Measures Against Qatar
Dutch Court Rules for Aerospace Giant Airbus in Battle Over Rocket Parts
Holland’s Arch Criminal Convicted of Five Murders
Congolese Warlord Convicted of Crimes Against Humanity
UN Court Probes Evidence Against Mali War Crimes Suspect
Spat Over New EU-US Data Sharing Pact Hits EU High Court
Timbuktu Man Fights War Crimes Charges in UN Criminal Court
UN Court to Decide if Timbuktu War Crimes Suspect Faces Trial
India Wins Battle Against Rival Pakistan in Top UN Court
Dutch Supreme Court Affirms Nation’s Role in Massacre
UN Criminal Court Upholds Reparations for Congo Victims
India and Italy Fight Over Jurisdiction in International-Waters Shooting
Uber Rolls Out Anti-Bias Feature in Netherlands
Fathers of Detained American Teenagers Arrive In Italy
Dutch City Cuts Ribbon on World’s Largest Bike Garage
International Criminal Court Told to Reconsider Case of Israeli Attack
‘Distance Mother’ Sues Dutch State for Taking Her Child Away in the 1960s
British Investment in Netherlands Surges as Brexit Looms
Dutch Doctor Acquitted of Murder in Landmark Euthanasia Case
Ukraine and Russia Face Off in Human Rights Court
Apple and Ireland Fight Against EU War on Corporate Tax Deals
Apple, Ireland Wrap Arguments Over $14B EU Tax Bill
UN Criminal Court Urged to Hold Trial for Militia Suspects
African War Crimes Suspect Denies Charges in UN Court
EU Court Nixes $33M Tax Penalty Against Starbucks
Google Wins Landmark EU Case Over ‘Right to Be Forgotten’
EU Tax Penalty Upheld in $33M Blow to Fiat
UN Court Will Hold Trial for Timbuktu War-Crimes Suspect
Human Rights Court Turns Away Hungarian Oil Boss
France Looks to Meet Climate Goals With Green Budget
UN Court Pauses Pretrial Hearing in African War Crimes Case
EU Court Says Facebook Is Subject to Worldwide Content Removal
Dutch Farmers Wreak Traffic Chaos in Tractor-Powered Protest
European Court Rules Press Must Have Access to Immigration Centers
Two Nobel Prizes in Literature Awarded After Hiatus Last Year
Switzerland, UAE Removed From European Tax Haven Lists
Dutch Court Hands Down 26-Year Sentence for Train Station Attack